Metzger's Tavern | 270-826-9461 | Henderson, KY

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Built in 1896 on the corner of Julia & Powell Street in Henderson, KY, Metzger's Tavern has always been more than just a local neighborhood bar. The history runs deeper then even the tobacco twists that hanging from the ceiling.

In 1870, the doors of this old gal opened as "The Swing Door Saloon" serving beer only to the locals. During prohibition from 1920-1933, the building operated as a grocery store & pharmacy and often sold moonshine under the counter in prescription bottles. After prohibition, the tavern resorted back to serving cold ones & obtained it's liquor license in which it still holds today, making it the second oldest operating liquor license in the state of Kentucky.

In 1939, the bean soup that we all know and love was introduced. The bean soup isn't the only classic that is still available. The house-made chili and old fashion dipped dogs are still available as well. 

2010-Ranked #6 in Huffington's Post Top 25 Dive Bars in United States

2013- Voted Best Tavern Food in the State by Kentucky  Journal

2016- "Best in Kentucky" Winner in the category of Nonfranchise Dive/ Diner/ Drive-In by readers of                   Kentucky Living Magazine. 

2018- "Best in Kentucky" 3rd Place Winner in the category of Best Hambger by readers of the Kentucky                 Living Magazine